Hello, I’m Mike Gaffney

Growing up in post WWII America, there was always Big Band, Depression era blues, country, Western Swing and infant Rock and Roll in the house, on radio and television. My dad, Lawrence Gaffney had played (he was very, very good) guitar as the leader of his own, small band (the Green Valley Boys and the Prairie Pioneers) around North Carolina and on radio before I was born. Mom had been a singer in an Andrews Sisters type group, too. So, I was inspired at an early age to sing and create my own music. It was either that or join a circus. I chose home.

Before I began writing the songs I sing, I wrote songs about things I’d never done … like working in a coal mine, owning a worm farm and being French. So, after abandoning those bogus ideas, my songs became all about real experiences, my feelings and my sense of uh, humor … which includes things I’ve never actually experienced, like working in a coal mine, owning a worm farm and being a French physicist from Brazil.

Actually, my song topics and song styles vary because my brain varies. I’ve heard all sorts of music all my life; from Baptist hymns to blues, folk to “new age”, head-banging to classical. I enjoy playing all sorts of styles on my guitar in various tunings. That confuses my guitar and sometimes, my fingers. But, I keep doing what I enjoy—which is almost everything.

Lately, I’ve been traveling around North Carolina, meeting interesting people (also dogs and cats), and having lots of fun as the odometer rolls along. It’s all good. As my best friend said, “Don’t live in the past or the future. It’ll just make you tense”. Carry on. Mike